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Trimlight San Diego

Outdoor Lighting Installation Experts

Programmable Permanent Outdoor LED Light systems. Make every event an unforgettable evening!

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Professionals CSLB LIC# 1104500

Control 16 Million Colors & Patterns With The

Android/iPhone App, Alexa, Or Google Home!

What San Diego Is Saying
Rosemary Keane
July 9, 2024

Garrett and his team were very professional and I look forward to applying all the different variations of lights. Thank you!

Steve Norris
July 7, 2024

The Trimlight product is awesome. The Trimlight Edge app is okay but could be better. My neighbors have all complimented me on the lights. The cost is a little high but totally worth it. I love coming up with new settings.

Ron Santiago
July 1, 2024

Trimlight team quickly and efficiently installed my lights. The quality of work was excellent and matches seamlessly with my roof. Plan to make use of the lights as early as possible. Thanks Alex, Garrett, and team.

Charlene McClure
June 21, 2024

We are so happy with our new holiday lights! We got a free estimate and a demonstration of all the features. About two weeks later, the Trimlight team installed everything in one day. They were very professional and courteous. The lights are much prettier than these photos. There are tons of color and motion choices. We will never have to risk our lives climbing ladders again.

Matt Kruger
May 27, 2024
Christopher May
May 15, 2024

The guys were on time, very polite and finished early. They made sure i was comfortable with the system and felt well supported.

Britney Sandoval
March 19, 2024

Alex, Garrett, and Artem are a great team! They are friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. The system is easy to use and understand. The first night I had already programmed four settings/"light shows". Alex recommended that I watch a few "How To" videos which really helped. He also recommended that I join Trimlight Community on FB which was also great advice. The FB group helps trouble-shoot and answer questions as well as offer inspiration regarding "light shows". Two days after installment I already had a neighbor stop by and ask about it. I am so happy that I don't ever have to go on my roof again to put up Christmas lights AND that they are all ready go for many other holidays.

Lori Toothacre
February 29, 2024
Dave Quinonez
February 27, 2024

In a time of non existent customer service and customer satisfaction . This company is on top of it, by far the best customer service, customer satisfaction, and product . Great experience . Will used them on my next project for sure .

Bill Ausen
February 23, 2024

They did a great job installing permanent lights at my house. Very professional and efficient. I recommend them.

Juliana Guidi
February 20, 2024

Love my new lights! Alex and his team were very professional, very helpful in explaining my lighting system and just really nice guys. I have the lights set to a nice subtle warm white which outlines the entire roofline of my house every night. And I have kicked it up a notch to colors and patterns on Holidays, Birthdays, Big Sporting Events etc. The best part is I control it all from my phone. Decorating made easy. I definitely recommend Trimlight San Diego. Thanks again Alex!

We absolutely love our lights from Trimlight San Diego. We are having so much fun with all the colors and patterns. Everyone was so professional and did an amazing job working on them and then teaching how to easily use all the cool variations. I will post a video tonight. I would highly recommend Trimlight San Diego. They were amazing!

Ryan K.
January 26, 2024
DG Elmore
January 25, 2024

Alex and his team were very professional and thorough! From initial contact and explanation of the products I felt very confident in the process and design of the lighting ! Very happy with the decision to use this team! I’ve been showing off the lights to the neighbors and family members in other states. Highly recommend this company

Sid Seney
December 19, 2023

The experience was great. The walk through and presentation was fast and friendly. The installation was done a week before their estimated time. The installation was perfect. The staff is friendly, on time, and knowledgeable. Being an old contractor, I like to be involved and they didn't mind my (probably frequent) interruptions and questions and answered everything that i inquired about. I would recommend Trimlight to anyone that is interested in such a project. I will never have to risk my life on a ladder at Christmas time again.

Edward Heilbrun
November 24, 2023

The lighting is magnificent and they installed it in a timely fashion. They came when they said they would and completed the job on time. Very impressed.

Brian Ostrow
November 19, 2023

The Trimlight San Diego sales and installation crew were amazing, Brian was patient in explaining how everything worked and what to expect from the installation side, amazing communication throughout the process!

Sarah Bannasch
November 17, 2023

We have been interested in permanent lighting since moving to our house. We love decorating but putting up lights on a two story house can be very tedious! After lots of researching and waiting, we decided to move forward and go with trimlight! The product is amazing. We find ourselves outside playing with the colors and designs frequently! I love being able to celebrate every holiday now and the scheduling feature makes it so easy to plan for the year of holidays as well as just nightly path lighting. The color match was great so it blends in almost seamlessly! The installation team was amazingly nice and they were communicative when we had any questions. If you are considering it, do it!! Can't wait forChristmas!

Whanda Hardin
October 30, 2023

My father and I was referred to Trimlight in San Diego by our neighbor. When we drove up and saw how beautiful their home looked, we called them immediately. They came out, gave us a quote and installed the holiday lights within four days. They helped design the perfect holiday lighting system for our home. We LOVE how the decoration turned out. We have gotten a few compliments from other neighbors as well. I'm very happy to see how pretty the house looks every time I drive up. In addition, they were professional and affordable. I highly recommend them if you looking to have lights installed this holiday season. Thank you, Trimlight! Loyal customer, Whanda.

Adam Dao
October 27, 2023

Such an excellent, excellent installer. I am so happy with the results. My friend Rosie in the OC put up DIY year round lights, and I thought it'd be cool to light up our house for the different holidays and just add a bit of pizzaz with white lighting even when there wasn't a holiday. Our house is super tall so there was no safe DIY option so I did a ton of research and Trimlights was it. I decided to look at all of our local installers, and the owner Alex from Trimlight San Diego fit the bill. We got a quote which was very reasonable for the amount of lights and the labor involved and we approved the quote for an install about a month later. Alex is a super nice guy, and he and his crew delivered big time. Our house is a 3 story house with access to the eaves to hang the lights only from the flat roof. He and his crew member put harnesses on and braved the heights to expertly place these lights. The lights are so cool! They hide them in these color matched channels so during the day they are almost imperceptible. The lights themselves change to unlimited colors and patterns, and there is an app to control them. My only advice to future customers is that if Alex doesn't respond to your email for a quote right away, give him a call. The guy is busy and is almost a one-man show, installer, salesman, customer service, all in one. He and his crew were super respectful of our house and really did a great job to not disturb or damage the solar panels on our roof.

Amanda Reynoso
September 25, 2023

Alex and his crew at Trimlight San Diego are top notch! From consultation to install, everything was flawless! The best part is Alex and his team are there after the install as well! I am able to reach him for anything big or small & he responds right away! I cannot recommend these guys enough! The best in the business!

Doug Rains
September 17, 2023

Love them. Service and installation was awesome. So many choices of monthly colors for every occassion!!!

Bill Rossman
September 15, 2023

We love it! Easy to use and looks great.

Jef McCurdy
September 11, 2023

Working with Alex at Trimlight San Diego was a great experience! We love our lights and have had only excellent customer service.

Lindsay Cooper
August 26, 2023

Have you ever seen a house in your neighborhood and were like…. Wow…. That looks really nice. Well this was an obsession to me at this point. All of these houses in my neighborhood had the most AMAZING accent lighting that was just under the trim. You can only imagine the Google terms I tried. It was useless. Life changed the moment our neighbor put these lights up AND THEY HAD A YARD SIGN! It’s as if the heavens spoke to me. The facade angels has answered my prayers. Trimlight was it! I obsessed over the next few weeks… saw the amazing holiday lighting.. and begged my husband to cave. After following trimlight on Instagram, I saw they’d be at the Del Mar Fair. This was our chance!!!! We went to the fair with one purpose in mind….. to visit Trimlight in an exhibitor hall. B-lining it for the display, we met Alex and told him give us all the info. We pretty much knew what we wanted and just wanted to see it up close… and basically find out how to give them our money. I feel like the next day… we had trimlight scheduled out for an appointment, color matched our eaves almost identically (we have the most random eaves color and he really made magic happen) and we immediately paid the deposit for 6” spacing trimlight for our home. Alex scheduled us for today (8/25) and showed up exactly when he said he would. We were able to leave Alex and his team member, Michael, by themselves with access to the garage, to complete the project. When we came back, everything had been installed and it was as if they never even came. Alex returned this evening to show us how to operate it and it turned out to be one of the most simplest systems. He showed us some pattern options, options for singling out color placements, and even some cool features. He really took the time to make sure we understood everything the app offered. He gave us some troubleshooting tips and gave us some much appreciated advice. Trimlight’s quality and quality of installation was obvious with our neighborhood million-dollar homes and I can respect the fact that the same quality and installation occurred on my much smaller home. If I had the opportunity to, I’d do it all over. I’m hoping to incorporate Trimlight into my businesses fa in the future. Now, I’m impatient waiting for the sun to set so I can take some awesome photos!!!

Vic Martin
August 25, 2022

The Trimlight product is awesome and far exceeds any other light system that I'm aware of. We've had in on the house now for about 2 weeks and every night I'm trying something new! So many color and layout options - it's so fun! Trimlight San Diego was AMAZING! They met with us and brought everything for us to look at. They took so much time to explain how the process of installation would work, everything about the product itself and answered all follow-up questions. Alex has been out to make sure we're happy and that everything is up to our expectations. They far exceeded our expectations.

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How Does Trimlight Work?

Never fuss with putting lights up again! Changing your outdoor lighting has never been this simple with the Trimlight app.
Trilight Phone App
User friendly app, cutting edge technology.
Choose Any Color
Program millions of colors & animations.
Complete Customization
The combinations are endless.
Library of Holiday Settings
180 preset programs for ease of use.
Schedules & Timers
Built in calendar & timer functions.
Transitions & Effects
Customize patterns for any event.

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All About Trimlight San Diego

Stunning, innovative, transformative! Trimlight San Diego is leading supplier and installer of the Trimlight permanent LED lighting, programmable dramatic home lighting system. Use these year-round as accent lighting, down lighting, security lighting and for the holidays.

Your home is more than just a place to live; it’s an extension of your lifestyle and personality, and a reflection of your style. Trimlight provides bright, beautiful, dramatic customized lighting to make your home a true reflection of YOU.

With virtually unlimited color and animation options, our patented, programmable system offers the control and versatility you need to vary your home’s appearance for every major holiday, sporting event, or any special occasion throughout the year. Trimlight is hardly noticeable during the day so the system can be left up all year, every year!

Trimlight also offers elegant and dramatic mood-setting lighting solutions for your patio covers, pergolas, gazebos, outdoor living spaces, fences, decks and pool areas – and even your business!