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San Diego Globe Lights

Trimlight Globe Lights: Transformative Outdoor Lighting

Discover Globe Lights, the pinnacle of programmable, remote-access outdoor illumination. Engineered to elevate any event, be it holidays, sports celebrations, or other special occasions, these lights craft an enchanting atmosphere.  Choose from 16 Million Colors RGB LED Color Guide.

Universal Access:

With the touch of a button, from any corner of the world, control your lights, shaping the ambiance of your space.

Synced To Your Tunes:

Introducing music compatibility – let your lights dance to the rhythm! Whether capturing audio through your phone’s mic, a direct connection, or playing from your device, the Trimlight app ensures your lights groove to the beat.

Trimlight Globe Lights
Trimlight Globe Lights

Voice-Controlled Brilliance:

Integrate seamlessly with Alexa and Google Home. Command your lights with just your voice, toggling between settings or selecting vibrant colors.

Always Connected:

Harnessing cloud technology, stay connected to your lighting system even when you’re miles away. 

Illuminate Residential Spaces:

Bring your outdoor gatherings to life! From BBQ pool parties to tranquil evenings in your backyard, Globe Lights set the desired mood, making every moment memorable.

Boost Commercial Appeal:

Elevate business visibility with Globe Lights. Perfect for restaurant patios, wedding tent lightings, or stages at concerts and events, these lights not only attract but mesmerize.

Trimlight Globe Lights
Globe Lights By Trimlight

Choose Trimlight Globe Lights

Boost your commercial gatherings or simply draw more patrons with the enticing glow of Globe Lights.

Choose Trimlight Globe Lights – where innovation meets illumination. Let your space, be it home or business, shine the brightest!